On Our Side

Whether it’s standing up for local jobs or speaking out for a more equitable tax code, Phil Steck has always been on the side of the Capital Region’s working families.

“I help my father pay his property tax bill every year, so I know firsthand how overwhelming our tax burden is. NOBODY is a bigger champion for developing local employment opportunities, and NOBODY works harder to get taxes under control.”

While serving the 110th Assembly District, Phil has:

  • Doubled the Governor’s proposed aid increase to our local schools to ensure children have every opportunity to succeed.
  • Provided much-needed tax relief for working families, cutting the income tax rate for middle-class families to its lowest level in 60 years.
  • Helped local companies like Precision Valve and Automation get the Empire Zone Tax Credits they were owed.
  • Fought to raise the minimum wage in order to help hardworking families make ends meet.
  • Supports reinstituting the stock transfer tax which is presently rebated 100% to Wall Street and using the resultant billions in funding for much-needed infrastructure improvements, putting people to work.

    New York imposed this very small sales tax from 1915 to 1979 without any deleterious effects on the economy.

    “This tax is like a flea on the back of an elephant. I do not think Wall Street needs government assistance and should pay sales tax like any other business. Wall Street has risen to unprecedented financial heights and needs to give back to the public.”

  • Protecting pensions. Without pension income, retirees will not be able to spend money and the economy will suffer dramatically. So, we need to make sure that all workers have pensions, not just public employees.