Lowering Costs & Freedom to Choose

As a member of the Assembly’s Insurance Committee, Phil participated in hearings to assess the need for auto insurance reform. Phil is committed to lowering automobile insurance costs for consumers.

Phil supports allowing consumers to raise the deductible on auto insurance policies when a car is financed (since most consumers finance their vehicles, either through loans or leases).

Here’s why:

The way automobiles are designed today, even a small fender-bender can result in over $1,000 of repairs.

If a consumer has even two of these accidents, he or she can see a dramatic increase in insurance premiums or loss of coverage from a reasonably priced carrier.

“If a consumer is forced to pay for a $500 deductible, he or she should not be penalized for small claims that exceed $500. This gives consumers an incentive not to report such claims, which means they are not getting the insurance they paid for.

It would be better for a consumer to be able to elect a higher deductible, and pay less for auto insurance coverage.”