Protecting Our Interests

In politics today, a lot of candidates and elected officials are happy to talk the talk when it comes to standing up to special interest groups in defense of our families. In the State Assembly we’ve seen that Phil Steck has no problem practicing what he preaches.

“I’ve spent my career fighting for people and it’s been one of my proudest achievements to take that fight to the halls of the Capitol where strong, independent voices are a rare commodity that our State desperately needs.”

As your Member of the State Assembly, Phil Steck has fought for:

  • Passage of the Women’s Equality Act and will work to ensure it becomes law; because when women succeed, we all succeed.
  • Passage of the SAFE Act to strengthen penalties against gun violence and keep weapons out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill.
  • More effective oversight of potentially dangerous trains transporting crude oil through our communities.