Combating Public Corruption

Fox2 webPhil Steck’s background in politics and government is different. Phil served for 12 years in local government and was involved as a volunteer in his local community. Until his election to The Assembly in 2012, he was never involved in government or politics at the State level.

He is not beholden to any powerful interests that already exist in State government. While in office, his loyalty has been solely and exclusively to the voters that put him there.

“Elected officials should work for the people, not themselves. I will continue to fight against corruption in Albany until our state government is as good as the people we represent.”

 Phil has fought to put an end to public corruption:

  • When he first took office in 2012, Phil immediately joined with other new members to co-sponsor a constitutional amendment to strip pensions from crooked politicians.  That bill has passed twice and now is going to the voters for approval. 
  • Created a misconduct tip line to report crimes committed by public officials. Call 1-800-877-ETHICS or visit to file a report.
  • Authored a bill for independent investigation of allegations of sexual harassment in state government.
  • Voted to limit legislators’ outside income.
  • Voted to more effectively prevent leveraging a public position to gain outside income.
  • Voted for public financing of campaigns to take the big money out of politics.
  • Required increased disclosure of lobbyists’ activities.

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