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Stock Transfer Tax could fund infrastructure upgrades

Assemblyman Phillip G. Steck / For The Daily Gazette | November 12, 2017

The Mohawk River is perhaps the single most unifying force in the 110th Assembly District.

The historic Stockade in Schenectady, the town of Niskayuna, and the town of Colonie, which comprise the 110th Assembly District, all have areas prone to flooding from the Mohawk. My staff and I attended Union College's Spring 2017 Mohawk River Symposium, where the main focus was water quality in the Mohawk, both for recreational uses, which impacts all the new development near Rivers casino, and Colonie, which draws its water directly from the Mohawk and treats it before distributing it to residents (Schenectady County communities draw their water from the aquifer under the Mohawk).

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Let municipalities join county self-insured health plans

Every year, Gov. Andrew Cuomo preaches governmental consolidation, at least at the local level. In discussing this issue, the Times Union referred to one of the very first bills I introduced, A739, a government consolidation bill that would allow all municipalities to join county self-insured health plans. Self-insured health plans provide the greatest array of benefits at the lowest cost. The more municipalities that are members, the more the risk is spread, and the more money they (and taxpayers) will save.

Phil Steck - Times Union: Monday, September 18, 2017

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Bipartisan bill would help communities pay for infrastructure upgrades, repairs

Monster lurking in state’s aging water, sewer infrastructure

SEN. JIM TEDISCO AND ASSEMBLYMAN PHIL STECK / For The Daily Gazette | February 16, 2017

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New Literature: On Our Side

Whether it’s standing up for local jobs or speaking out for a more equitable tax code, Phil Steck has always been on the side of the Capital Region’s working families.

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New Literature: Cleaning up Albany starts with electing the right person for the job.

“Elected officials should work for the people, not themselves. I will continue to fight against corruption in Albany until our state government is as good as the people we represent.”

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New Literature: Phil Steck will always put our kids first

“The attempt to implement Common Core was a disaster, but helping our kids reach higher standards is the right thing to do. That’s why we stepped in to reform the process, so students and teachers can succeed.”

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