On The Issues

After 27 years of grassroots involvement in the Town of Colonie, having served in the Albany County Legislature from 2000 to 2012, and now beginning his third term in the State Assembly, Phil Steck has gained an understanding of issues that must be addressed for our communities and our state.

Whether it’s standing up for local jobs or speaking out for a more equitable tax code, Phil Steck has always been on the side of the Capital Region’s working families.

In politics today, a lot of candidates and elected officials are happy to talk the talk when it comes to standing up to special interest groups in defense of our families.  In the State Assembly, we’ve seen that Phil Steck has no problem practicing what he preaches.  Phil is known as a courageous straight-shooter and hard worker both for his constituents and on the issues.  He has not been afraid to vote against leadership in his own Party.  For example, Phil voted against the Governor’s Common Core education program because it spends too much time testing children rather than being focused on their education.  He had the foresight to vote against the Governor’s Start Up New York program, which has not proven to be successful.  And he has been a critic of the Governor’s decision to fully fund New York City pre-Kindergarten, while not doing the same for Upstate New York.

Phil had the courage to endorse Senator Bernie Sanders for President in the 2016 Presidential Primary.  “In 2000, in New York State, the top 1% of income earners were taking home 11.9% of the income.  Today their share is 30.2%.  The middle class is under attack.  Bernie Sanders was the only candidate talking about that critical issue.” 

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